Cementitious Terrazzo Flooring Greater Vancouver

Terrazzo flooring designed and installed by Duron Restoration Ltd offers a versatile and durable option for flooring in commercial and industrial buildings. This unique specialty flooring type is low maintenance and extremely durable. Plus, it can be made in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit any space.

What is Cementitious Terrazzo Flooring?

Heritage Hall cementitious terrazzo flooringCement Terrazzo is made using a cement matrix mixed with aggregate to form the flooring. This type of Terrazzo flooring is thicker and heavier in nature when compared to other types of Terrazzo flooring. The Cementitious type of Terrazzo offers slightly fewer colour choices than other types of Terrazzo, such as Epoxy Terrazzo. However, Cement Terrazzo is well-suited to more challenging areas, and some may even be used outdoors.

If the area where the Terrazzo will be installed has no active vapour barrier beneath, Cement Terrazzo is an excellent choice. The end result will be a beautiful, resilient floor that is easy to maintain and durable. The thicker nature of Cement Terrazzo means that it is better able to withstand impacts and heavy traffic. Cement Terrazzo can create beautiful earthy colours within a space, and will suit a classic-looking or outdoor environment.

For your Cement Terrazzo installation needs in the Greater Vancouver area, give the specialty flooring experts at Duron Restoration Ltd. a call today. Our professional flooring team are your go-to experts for Terrazzo floor design and installation in Greater Vancouver.

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