Commercial Roofing in Greater Vancouver

Duron Roofing Ltd. is proud to offer high-quality roofing workmanship throughout Greater Vancouver. Our expert team of roofing professionals can provide you with insight and ideas for the best type of roof for the needs of your commercial building. We offer commercial roof replacement, roof repair, and new construction roofing systems.

Roof Replacement

Commercial roofingWhen it comes time to replace your commercial building roofing system, Duron Group provides roof replacement services. Our team has experience in numerous roofing system including:

  • Built-Up Roof Systems
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single Ply Systems
  • Liquid Applied Membranes
  • Applied Rubberized Asphalt Membranes
  • Metal Roof Systems
  • Green Roof Systems

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New Flat Roof Construction

New construction builds have the unique opportunity to plan the exact specifications of their roof from day one. At Duron Roofing Ltd, we can assist you in the planning and installation of your new commercial roof.

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Green Roofs

Green roofing systems are quickly gaining in popularity in North America. Make use of that extra space on your roof by growing plants: this makes your building more energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Duron Roofing Ltd is your trusted partner in Greater Vancouver for creating a beautiful and functional green roof.

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Commercial Roof Repair

Your commercial roof will eventually need repairs, whether from impact damage, general wear over time, or due to improper installation. It is important to hire a trusted roofing contractor for all roof repairs to ensure protection from further damage.
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For all of your commercial roofing needs, contact Duron Group today.

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