Specialized General Contracting for Commercial & Industrial Projects

Because Duron Restoration Ltd. / Duron Roofing Ltd. offer such a wide array of services, we have the unique advantage of being able to act as a specialized general contractor for many of the projects we work on. Having specialized tradespeople working within our company gives our clients the benefit of not having to bring in additional contractors – we can provide tradespeople for nearly 100% of any project’s requirements. Our Red Seal tradespeople include, TQ cement masons, TQ roofers, waterproofers, sheet metal workers, and carpenters.

What is a Specialized General Contractor?

A specialized general contractor is someone who has particular experience in the scope of a non-standard project. In the case of Duron, that specialty knowledge includes concrete restoration and repair services, as well as commercial roofing and specialty flooring.

Specialized General Contracting Expertise

At Duron Group in the Greater Vancouver area of BC, our we offer specialized general contracting services for projects which may include one or more of the following:

Concrete Structural Restoration and Concrete Repair

Duron Group offers decades of industry experience in concrete restoration and repair. Our services include the removal of failed concrete and reinforcing steel, the replacement of embedded structural, mechanical and electrical systems, the repair expansion joints, wall, columns and soffits.


Duron Group offers a complete line of waterproofing systems to protect concrete from water erosion. Our team of professionals will ensure any structure is sealed tightly for years to come by applying liquid- and solid-membrane waterproofing technologies that are designed and developed by some of the industry’s largest and most reputable manufacturers.

Concrete Expansion Joints

Duron Restoration Ltd. is a licensed installer of the Wabocrete, Emseal and Watson Bowman type of preformed heavy-duty gland joint systems.

Roofing Systems

Duron Restoration Ltd. working in conjunction with our sister company, Duron Roofing Ltd. can provide solutions to all your roofing needs.

When you need a specialized general contractor for your construction project, give Duron Restoration a call.

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